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The most unique Edtech company?

Is Open Door the most unique Edtech company? 

While everyone is trying to help children score better marks in exams, there is one company that has taken an audacious step.

Open Door is helping children become better thinkers.

Instead of working to serve the demands of the market, Open Door decided to ask itself: what kid of children will be successful in the future? 

Open Door realized that children who learn to think deeply, to ask questions tend to become adults who are more curious, creative and critical-thinkers.

Open Door realised early on that the school system focused more on exams and marks but had limitations in providing in-depth exploration of a concept. In other words, many children were scoring good marks but not learning much.

What does Open Door do?

Open Door takes children through the difficult journey of learning. Open Door believes that if children focus on learning, then marks are often a by-product. But, if children focus on scoring high marks, then learning is always sacrificed. 

Open Door offers programs to both – schools and individual parents – which have beautiful questions at its core. Open Door uses questions like ‘Can we catch a bullet?’, ‘How would the world be if Sun gave out blue light?’ to make children think.   

Open Door realises that lectures are passive.That’s why Open Door’s programs work on the philosophy of asking questions andallowing children the time to think on their own. 

What makes Open Door unique?

Open Door is a unique company in many ways: 

1. Open Door does not fall into the trap of making learning fun and easy. The company does     not use videos, animations or activity kits for student learning. Open Door has made questions a powerful learning     tool. Questions may not look attractive but can be more powerful than  a 100 lectures. 

2. Many parents think short term. They want their children to have a better score in their report card. Open Door realises that this excessive focus on marks can do permanent damage to the thinking habits of a child. That’s Open Door focuses on learning as learning should be – full of thinking and exploration. 

3. Open Door founders have a strong academic foundation. They started off as teachers and do not look at education sector as a money-minting opportunity. Open Door would like to make a significant change in thinking habits of children across the world and while building an organisation that lives for a hundred years.   

Open Door’s impact so far 

Open Door programs have had a considerable impact on both teachers and students in the school so far. 

Impact on teachers:  

According to school leaders and teachers themselves: 

  • There has been an improvement in classroom teaching. There is more questioning and dialogue in classrooms. Teachers have also been making better lesson plans. 
  • Better appreciation of science and math concepts. Open Door’s questions have helped teachers see regular concepts in a new light. 
  • More confidence in their own teaching due to an improvement in their students 

Impact on students: 

  • An average of 10% improvement in the understanding of core concepts 
  • More willingness to improve and learn 
  • Started seeing concepts in a completely new light