Marketing Manager

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Type: Full Time

Experience: 1+ Years

Location: Bengaluru

No. of Vacancies: 1

Do you live and breathe marketing? Are you a creative person who loves to learn? Do you want to make a difference to the school education system? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then we need to talk.

We are looking for someone who will single-handedly be responsible for all the marketing work and help Open Door stand apart as the only company who has worked successfully and specifically on making children think and question on a large scale.

Responsibilities –

1. Increase awareness and engagement about Open Door’s work, impact and philosophy among the academic community and build Open Door’s brand around questioning and making children thinkers
2. Attract interest and enquries from school leaders for Open Door’s products
3. Improve sales material
4. Working closely with Open Door’s different teams and freelancers/interns

Specific Work –

1. Graphic Design: Several posters, newsletters, blogs, website pages, brochures, etc. would be required to be designed.
2. Basic videography: We will have to shoot and edit in-house videos or testimonial videos of school leaders, teachers, students, etc.
3. Disseminate content: Spread content through relevant channels – social media, website, emails, YouTube channel, etc. – and increase engagement with Open Door
4. Organise Campaigns: Think, ideate, plan and execute new campaign ideas: The person will have to develop novel ideas to improve branding and educating the school community about Open Door’s work
5. PR and communications: Spread word about Open Door’s vision, story, impact in schools and important milestones through relevant channels
6. Contests: Organise online contests for teachers and students
7. Offline marketing: Organise conferences/events with school leaders and teachers
8. Team work and management: Engage with Open Door’s content team, technology team, sales team regularly. Also, manage freelancers and interns regularly

Need someone who is –

1. Creative: We need someone who can come up with new ideas and has the habit of keeping improving the work to make it better
2. Planning and execution: Need someone with good skills of thinking through work, setting timelines and making sure that the timelines are followed.
3. Adept with a graphic design software: Need someone who is proficient with a graphic design software such as Photoshop/Illustrator
4. Hungry to learn: The person may not know some skills but he/she should be ready to learn and work in a dynamic start-up environment

Preference for –
1. Someone with a good understanding of Math and Science
2. Basic videography skills
3. Good writing skills
4. Someone with at least 2 years of experience in marketing

The candidate will spend the first 2 weeks of training in Gurgaon and will work from Bengaluru thereafter.


  • Fixed salary of Rs. 5L – Rs. 10L per annum (depending on skills and experience)
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