Have you heard the ‘Khadak Khadak’ sound : answer

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The correct answer is (c) December

The correct answer is c) December, that is a month of winters. The “Khadak-khadak” sound is made when the wheels cross the gap between the joint of the rails. These gaps are left to allow the expansion during the summer days. The gaps will widen the most during the winter month, due to contraction of the metal rails. When the metal wheel crosses the gap in the month of winter, the sound produced will be louder as compared to the month of summer.
We intended to ask in which month, loudest sound is produced. As in the question, we have not mentioned the conditions which will define how a sound is heard.
Also, as the target audience is in the northern hemisphere, we assume December to be the winter month.
Considering, these points, we can agree that option D, could also be the correct answer if these arguments are taken into consideration.

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