Have you heard the ‘Khadak Khadak’ sound?

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For this fortnight Open Door Research Findings (ODRF), we have an interesting question for you!

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Win Amazon Gift voucher by answering the question.
We will share the correct answer by 7 PM (IST) tomorrow and the lucky draw winners by day after tomorrow.


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Rules & Instructions:


  1. Create a video of less than 5 minutes.
  2. Size of video should be less than 100MB while uploading.
  3. You can use one Voucher Code to upload video only once.
  4. You can use animations and other visual effects to help improve presentation.
  5. The video should have the student who won the voucher as the primary explainer.


1. Explanation (10 points)
(i) Accuracy of explanation or relevant explanation of the given challenge.
(ii) Explanation of ALL the questions asked.

2. Presentation (5 points)
(i) Video should not exceed given time constraints.
(ii) It should be understandable.
(iii) Good use of props and effects.

3. Early-bird
(i) The first 1000 entries will get bonus points for submitting early.

Note: Open Door will not entertain requests to share scores.

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