Q#13: How will you see yourself in four mirrors?Winners Announced

March15, 2021
by Apoorva
4 min read

Dear school leaders,
For MTLT#13, we asked you this question:

Four small plane mirrors kept on a plane surface are joined to make a big mirror.
A woman is looking at her face in the big mirror as shown.
What will she observe when the mirrors are kept apart on the plane surface?
(The woman’s head is steady during the whole process.)

Correct Answer and Explanation:

The correct option is (C)

The image will look like as given in option- C as all the mirrors are in same planes. This can be understood in a better way, if we take a big mirror and paste a black tape (plus shaped) in the centre. Here only one image will form.

We see multiple images when the mirrors are in different plane. Example: when the mirror shatters on the ground, the pieces of mirror are not in same planes that’s why we see multiple image of ours.

How school leaders responded?

Lucky Draw Winners

1. Sheetal Tiwari, DPS BOPAL 👏
2. Tinu Susan Peter, The Millennium School Dubai 👏
3. Dr. Amlan K Saha, The Sagar School 👏

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