Q#16 Which car would you buy? Winners Announced

April30, 2021
by Apoorva
6 min read

Dear School leaders,
For MTLT#16, we asked you this question:

A car company made two cars- I and II. Their crash tests are as shown.
Which car would you like to purchase if safety is the priority?
(Assume the crash tests with the wall are done in similar conditions)

(A) Car- I
(B) Car- II

Correct Answer and Explanation:

The correct answer is (A) Car-I

You definitely want to buy a car which has more safety. One might want to say that it’s better to get Car 2 because it is not crushed, so it is strong and therefore it protects us better, but this is WRONG. It is exactly the other car which is crushed that has more chances of protecting it’s occupants. But how?

Let’s try to understand the situation in more detail. When a car with people in it is moving, it has kinetic energy. Now when the car collides, the wall hinders car’s motion and it reduces the car’s energy.  That energy which is lost or reduced has to go somewhere because energy cannot be destroyed and it is better it goes somewhere except the people inside the car. If we receive that lost energy as an impact, the body could get injured badly. Let the impact energy go to deforming the car’s body since deforming a car requires some energy. So, get the car which reduces the collision impact energy on the occupants. 

This explanation was given by Vinay, teacher- Gurukalam School.

How school leaders responded?

Lucky Draw Winners

1. Sanket Vyas, MPS International, Jaipur  👏
2. Yattin, Lawrence Public School, Shahpur  👏
3. Suprabha Menon, Navrachana School, Sama, Vadodara  👏

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