Q#9: Which of these is a better way to praise children? Winners Announced

December18, 2020
by Apoorva
9 min read

Dear school leaders,
For MTLT#9, we asked you this question:

Which of these is a better way to praise children?

  1. You must be really smart
  2. You must have worked hard

(think of an answer before you read the text below)

If a student in your class performs well in a test, and you tell her ‘Good job!’, that should surely help her build confidence and self-esteem.



Recent studies suggest that praise, if not used appropriately, can do more harm than good. If done correctly, it can help children become more motivated and love challenges while if not done correctly, it can lead to insecurity and a false sense of entitlement. Researchers have found that when children are praised for intelligence or raw talent rather than effort, the majority of children lose the motivation to even try after a single failure. However, when the children who are regularly praised for their effort fail, they realize that they need to put in more effort to succeed. When you are praising children for their effort, you are helping them develop a growth mindset, which is important in becoming a better learner. Next time, when you are about to praise a child, think about the words that you are going to say.

How School Leaders responded?

Lucky Draw Winners:

1. Trishla Shah, P P Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul, Surat 👏
2. Poonam Rawal, Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra 👏
3. Dr Rajesh Sharma, Bal Bhawan School, Bhopal 👏

School Leaders who submitted the correct answer:

1. Chandana Borah, Sanskriti-The Gurukul, Guwahati.
2. Prashant Sharma, Ambuja Vidya Niketan Ambujanagar
3. Gitasree Sarker, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
4. JAYASHREE BORTHAKUR, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
5. Sanjay Purkayastha, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
6. Bhubishruta, Sanskriti The Gurukul
7. Dhritipurna Das, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
8. Priyanka Bora, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
9. Jayita Chakraborty, Sanskriti the Gurukul, Guwahati
10. Dr Kiran Gogoi, Sanskriti The Gurukul
11. Karobi Gogoi , Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati
12. Bhargav Kalita, Sanskriti the Gurukul, Guwahati
13. Poonam Sharma, Sanskrit the girl Guwahati
14. Nashera Rahman, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati.
15.  Maitreyee Sarma, Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati, Assam
16. Mallika, P. M Ramana Vidyalaya, Chennai
17. Lalitha Chandrasekaran, Ramana Vidyalaya, Chennai
19. Shankar Singh Adhikari, The Rajkumar College, Rajkot
20. Asha Sharma, Indian Learners’ Own Academy, Kuwait
21. Simran Bhatia, Nosegay Public School Sriganganagar
22. Dr. Amlan K Saha, The Sagar School
23. Lata Nakra, JSS international school,Dubai
24. Manan Choksi, UDGAM SCHOOL
25. Amol Vaidya, Global Indian International School Dubai
26. Aditi Basu Roy, Grads International School
27. Leju Sabu, Jesus Saviours School,Sirhind
28. seema, The heritage school kolkata
29. Mahadev Prasad, Sri Sarvajna Public School, Bangalore
30. Sunaina Verma, Angels Valley School, Rajpura
31. Amol Vaidya Global Indian international school, Dubai
32. Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri, PICT Model School Pune
34. Tania Joshi, The Indian School, New Delhi

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