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Mastery Assessments

Suppose a teacher in your school teaches the concept of ‘Fractions’ in her class. Only 20% of her students master the topic but she proceeds to teach the next topic – ‘Decimals’. Again, only 20% of her students master the topic of Decimals. This process keeps repeating. For every difficult topic in the syllabus.

Open Door helps you use assessments to take corrective action before moving on to the next topic and make sure that students master every difficult topic taught in the class. Mastery Assessments is the simplest, fastest and the most powerful tool to build mastery on difficult topics.

Through a series of enjoyable and high-quality questions and instant feedback, you will notice your students gaining in-depth understanding. All this, without the children needing a physical device. This program allows students and teachers a second chance to demonstrate success, thereby keeping both teachers and students naturally motivated to show an improvement in learning.

Questions that target misconceptions
Instant Report
Teachers driven to take corrective action.
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Thinking Classrooms

Every statement that we make as a teacher in a class is the answer to a question that we do not ask. For example – ‘If we did not eat fruits, we would fall ill regularly’ is the answer to the question ‘What if we did not eat fruits for a year?’.

What if we replaced our declarative statements with questions in our classrooms? What if we asked questions in a manner that provoked thinking? And while children think, what if we allowed children sufficient time to think?

Sounds like a dreamy classroom? Presenting ‘Thinking Classrooms’ for Science and Mathematics.

If we shout on the Moon can we hear ourselves? Can you design the diet for Virat Kohli? How will our lives change if the Earth were to switch gravity off?

Thinking classroom is every Science teacher’s dream come true. Imagine a classroom where teaching begins with a questions, teacher engages children in gamified discussions and where students deliberate on thought-provoking case studies.

Thinking Classrooms is a set of interesting discussions, think-sheets, activity kits and case studies that blend easily with your teaching. Transform your classrooms into ‘Thinking Classrooms’ – a place where children think and enjoy learning.

Thought-provoking questions
Think sheets
Gamified Discussions
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Concept Foundation Week

Concept Foundation Week is the perfect way to start a new academic session. A new academic year brings with it, a new set of topics to be learned. Most of these topics build on the foundation laid by the topics learned in the previous years. If that foundation is not strong, then it becomes difficult for a child to understand the upcoming topics.

In Concept Foundation Week, with the help of Learning Assessment, Remediation and Re-learning Assessment,  the school uses the first few days of the new academic session to make sure that students have a strong understanding of the basic concepts studied in the previous classes. What’s more? The school also receives a comparison of its performance with several other schools along with rewards for teachers and students.

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