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The team that makes children think

Open Door’s products – Mastery Assessments and Thinking Classrooms – are popular among the school community for making children think from a very new perspective. But, who are the people who make these amazing products?

Open Door’s product team is made up of graduates from premier institutions like IITs, IISc and NITs. Each of these team members is an original thinker and creates new questions every day. They love Science and Math and are able to bring out the hidden beauty inside each concept through their work. They feel happiness from making children think and teaching them something new through the questions that they design.

Meet Open Door’s product team:

Kranthi Kumar | IIT Bombay

Let’s make Math great again!

There are learning gaps in students which are waiting to get discovered and cleared by teachers through our questions. Bridging these gaps that can clearly make an impact in their learning makes the effort all it’s worth.

One of the major learnings  is to see and experience personally how ‘a question’ is the most important tool available for learning. The idea of a question should be to teach but not to be evaluated through marks.


Dharmendra Kumar | IIT Gandhinagar

Nurturing the future Indian Mathematicians

When I recall my school days, I remember most of my friends lost interest in Maths and Science even in 6th standard. The biggest reason being the way it was taught at my time. I want students to find Maths and Science  as beautiful, amazing and interesting. One of our core values is “Think of the 10th idea”. I find this very useful while working on Open Door products and also in my personal life. Open Door motivates us to question our own thinking, and don’t take action on your first thought.


Allaparthi Ravikumar | IIT Madras

Trying to create a better learning environment in the classroom through the art of questioning.

With the help of Open Door questions, concepts are better communicated to the students. The impact that we are trying to create in the lives of the students is the constant motivation that drives me to do the work. While working for Open Door, I have created a better appreciation for the concepts of Math and Science.



Ved Dubey | MANIT Bhopal

I bring out appreciation for Math in Children by designing creative & relatable Math questions.

Open Door has given me an opportunity to see Math in impactful ways that I have not seen before. The best part is curating questions for the concepts that might go unappreciated in traditional classrooms & investing time in designing questions which make Math fun to learn. I believe my questions have given students an opportunity to appreciate application of Math in real life situations.


Saraswati Devi | Annamalai University

Through my work children receive good quality questions which makes them self-learner.

At Open Door, I approve the quality of the developed content. Currently, I am ensuring the quality of Math Mastery assessment and monitoring its timely delivery. The responsibility to maintain the quality of every question as per the Open Door standard always inspires me to do my best.



B Rajesh | Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

Planting the Thinking seeds through questions.

I have realized that even the basic concept which we commonly ignore has a significant beauty and this type of work has improved my critical thinking. Our questions improve children’s thinking and questioning ability. In addition to that, my goal is to empower them to make logical decisions. Analysis of basic concepts and coming up with a good question is the best part of my job.



Shradha Agarwal | NIT Durgapur

Demystifying concepts which leaves a trail of thinking….

Working at Open Door has changed my perception of excellence in studies. “Topping in exams but still knowing nothing”, we are attempting to fill such voids, so that in the future, these minds become capable of developing their own robots rather than ending up being one. It gives an opportunity to touch many lives through my little efforts.


Manish Kumar | IIT Kanpur

Making joyful learning avatars of a difficult scientific idea via questions.

In the dark, even a piece of rope seems scary. Similarly, a scientific concept, not well explained, seems like a scary demon. Open Door questions have the potential to make any scientific concept enjoyable and comprehensive. Each bit of our contribution is vital to the learners. I believe that we can be a catalyst in bringing some crucial positive changes in the learning experience of young students.



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