2019 – The year of new initiatives

January7, 2020
by Apoorva
10 min read

If 2018 was a year in which Open Door team worked hard to help schools implement its programs seamlessly, 2019 was a year in which we helped schools extract the maximum juice from our programs, especially ‘Mastery Assessments’.
In the beginning of the academic year 2019-20, we truly questioned: What can we do to help students be more motivated to improve? What can do to help teachers become stronger conceptually, design better questions and find concepts that they teach beautifully? What can we do to help children self-learn at home?
Our team at Open Door thought hard about those questions. We thought of different ideas. We brainstormed. We chose the ideas that were easy to implement and had the highest value for the schools. And, we found the answers. We implemented a range of initiatives at our partner schools in 2019, some of them were as follows:

Workshops that make teachers think

In 2019, we specially brought our focus on the people who drive Open Door’s programs in their classrooms: teachers. We designed and conducted six types of workshops for the teachers across our partner schools. The workshops covered the following subjects: Analytics, Remediation, Critical Reading, Concept Appreciation, Thinkshops and question-making. These workshops were designed to add a fresh perspective to thinking among teachers. Teachers thoroughly enjoyed these workshops.

Badges of Appreciation

Rewards are the end goal of every habit. Better incentives and applaud for students to motivate them for putting in extra efforts and productive participation. This year we thought of giving badges to students as a token of appreciation. Students appreciated this idea and wore them all day long.

Online Remediation Sessions

Open Door not only provides a diagnostic assessment but while working hand-in-hand with the teachers, also ensures the overall progress of the school with our full-cycle support. We also provide academic inputs and analysis to help in remediation via online channels as well.

Parent App

We have developed a new app exclusively for parents. App for parents to extend support and monitor their own child’s performance throughout the year. This app keeps parents in a loop along with teachers and students. We have also started adding videos on parent’s app to help their children self-learn at home.

Thinking Classrooms – 2nd edition

The first edition of Thinking Classrooms was received very well with 23 schools implementing it. Teachers loved our questions and could find their students enjoying the process of thinking and figuring out answers on their own. Through our discussions with several teachers, we realised that we needed to tweak the program so that it could be implemented seamlessly.

We reflected on this and started writing the new edition of Thinking Classrooms book in the middle of 2019. The new edition is in the form of ThinkSheets, with each ThinkSheet being in the form of beautiful questions to help children explore concepts from different angles. We have also raised the quality of questions in the new edition. We are expecting 50 schools to implement Thinking Classrooms in the academic year 2020-21.

We celebrated 5 years with a team of 37 passionate and dedicated members.

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