How Open Door has redefined assessments?

August22, 2018
by Apoorva
7 min read

Children’s Academy, Mumbai, one of the good schools in India has been using Open Door’s Mastery Assessment program for two years now. We recently visited the school to see how teachers are using Open Door and if Open Door is successful in helping students build a strong conceptual understanding of Math and Science and we are surprised with the kind of response we received from students, teacher and principal.

“In class test, we get questions like ‘Define this’, ‘Define that’, we just learn it from the textbook and answer it. But Open Door assessment is something we can’t learn for, we have to be strong with the basics then only we can solve it.”

Class VII Student

In the traditional method, conventional process of teaching, testing and then moving onto next topic is followed unquestionably. There are no tools available to check the learning gaps and there is no time and resource available for teachers to make thought provoking assessments to target the learning gaps. This leads to huge buildup of conceptual misunderstanding in subjects like Math and Science. Open Door provides detailed insight into common misconceptions and on-time available assessments to remediate the learning gaps.

Recently, Cycle 1 was completed in Children’s Academy, here are the highlights of the cycle:

Interesting example of how Open Door tests if the student has understood the concept or not even after remediation. The misconception is targeted and is tested after the remedial. In this example, ‘Ratio’ was not clear among students but teacher re-taught it and results are impressive-

The textbook questions are rote-learnt by students, they fail to test the actual understanding of the topic and due to lack of time, teachers are not able to make fresh questions. Open Door’s Assessment are not general exams. They are the learning tools.

Mastery Learning was introduced and implemented in 1960’s and it failed due to impracticality of finding misconceptions without technology and designing multiple worksheets of good quality. Open Door designs spends a lot of time developing assessments with thought-provoking and interesting questions. Mastery Program is designed to fit into the school curriculum and the detailed reports are generated in a matter of 2 minutes or less.


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