Improving the learning process in early years through Mastery Learning Program

August22, 2018
by Apoorva
9 min read

Most schools believe that only a few children can master concepts but our partner schools think differently. Our partner schools believe that if we work hard with students and give them time to understand then most of them can attain mastery. We have one particular proactive school having several branches in Delhi which is using our Mastery assessment program for one year now, they have taken program for primary classes also. They believe that learning process should be concrete from the beginning years and every concept should be mastered. In the recently concluded cycle, class 4th students showed exceptional improvement of 37% in their understanding of ‘Subtraction concept’ after re-learning test.

Do you remember having trouble with the subtraction and word problems demanding the application of subtraction in your early years? We all have been through it, we mastered it over the years. But the class 4th students of this school did it in short period and are ready to move onto next concept confidently.

An interesting example of how most of the students failed to solve the subtraction word problem at first but after teachers put an effort in clearing the misconception, most of the students excelled in the concept-


“ I am grateful for Open Door program in my school. The quality of questions is incomparable, just brilliant to test the concepts. Open Door’s detailed report gives me great insight into the misconceptions and detailed analysis of each student’s performance. I work on the misconceptions and improvement in Re-learning test is remarkable. My students are very confident now with Math.”- Class IV Math Teacher

Open Door’s operation team works year around with teachers by staying in regular contact by text/call and conducting two or more sessions in the school. The session are designed to educate teachers on how to make best use of Open Door’s report and improving learning among students. Here are some pictures from the recent session in the school-

What do school leaders and teachers say about us?

“ If we have any problem, it gets resolved within the minutes. Open Door team is very prompt and extremely responsible.” – Principal, Children’s Academy, Mumbai

“ Open Door workshops are filled with intriguing and lively discussions on some actually thought provoking questions. Education through triggering the minds by looking at the things we teach by an entirely yet simple angle. Association with Open Door is bliss and we are always looking forward to the sessions and interactions”- Teacher, Khaitan Public School.

“ Remediation is the most important element in education. It is like building foundation of the building, we have to fill the learning gaps or the whole structure will fall down. We are taking remediation very seriously now, thanks to the Open Door”- Teacher, Shri Venkateshwar International School, Delhi


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