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August4, 2020
by Apoorva
18 min read

Open Door’s assessments are useful for schools. But the program becomes very powerful when a school team uses it with a lot of interest. GEMS Our Own English High School, Al Ain is one such partner school. The school team not only uses the assessments to measure the impact of their teaching but also goes beyond the obvious to find many more benefits. In our discussion with the team of GEMS OOEHS Al Ain, they describe how they are making the most out of Open Door’s assessments. Here are some excerpts from our conversation with the team:

Open Door: What are the major challenges that you faced while shifting your classes online?

School Team:

  • Ensure the required digital competency to suit the situation for the teachers.
  • Technical issues. Availability of gadgets with enough support of Camera, Microphone for the students.
  • Accommodate a plat form to meet different types of learners including the students of special education needs.
  • Difficulty to assess the written work.
  • Students have limited options to collaborate and do group activities.
  • To have a live relationship with students: New academic session implied a fresh batch of students, which had the added difficulty of meeting them for the first time online without knowing them face-to-face

Open Door: Educationists are aware about the importance of assessments in usual times. How has COVID-19 increased the importance of assessments? 

School Team:

  • As a face to face rapport is missing, assessments plays a very important role to understand the attainment level of the students for each concept and to modify the strategies accordingly.
  • Less scope for detailed assessments and feedback. Quick AFL s using different tech tools are found more effective than the usual pattern. Review and the feedback is possible within minutes.
  • Quick checks helps the level of success of the RLP and make amendments wherever necessary to develop new teaching-learning strategies.
  • Mastery Assessments played a role to make the task easy of assessing the deeper concepts with good quality thought provoking questions.

Open Door: Is there any feedback from teachers about Open Door’s online assessment? Would you like to share it with us?

School Team: Yes, according to the teachers,

  • It is a very good tool to diagnose the misconceptions and learning gaps topic wise.
  • Good quality questions, helps to provoke thinking.
  • Helps the students to be more confident to attend skill based questions and to score well in external Assessments.
  • Students are excited to have the opportunity to assess their level of understanding in a detailed manner and to work towards the progress in Relearning assessments.
  • Detailed analysis provided helps to reduce the workload of teachers.
  • Remediation plans are ready to execute.
  • It gives a mastery of learning of the difficult concepts.

Open Door: How would you rate the support provided by our Operation team when you started taking Open Door’s assessments? 

School Team:

  • The support has been extremely helpful as the Team helped prepare the teachers and students in advance with online sessions and practice papers
  • The Team provided assistance before and after the relearning test, with discussions on learning strategies and targets.
  • Teachers were briefed during online sessions on how to read, understand and best utilize the question analysis and student performance analysis provided by the Open Door site in order to obtain maximum benefits form it.
  • During the assessments, the Team was prompt in assisting students and teachers with technical or other issues.

Open Door: What has been the most important benefit to you from Open Door’s online assessments? 

School Team:

  • Identify the misconceptions and rectify them by relearning.
  • To strengthen the major concepts for an improved performance in our internal and external exams.
  • We get a more detailed analysis of problem areas and gaps of individual student’s understanding.
  • Group wise comparison and analysis helps to track the progress and to modify the strategies.

Open Door: What impact would you like to see by the end of 2020-21 from using Open Door’s assessments? 

School Team:

  • Deeper understanding of the concepts and skills in Math and Science as students proceed to higher grades.
  • Reflection of their improved skills in internal scores.

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Evidence based Improvement

The above data shows how well GEMS Our Own English High School, Al Ain, has made use of Open Door’s assessments in the first cycle of academic year 2020-21. In Open Door’s first test, the average score across the classes was 60%. Students had understood the topic but still had some misconceptions. At this learning stage, if teachers had moved on to the next topic, the majority of the students would not be able to develop a deeper understanding.

Teachers took corrective measures before moving to the next topic. The remediation sessions helped students to self-reflect and clear their misconceptions. As can be seen in the above data, the average across the classes increased to 74% in the Open Door’s second test. While comparing the data of both the tests, we can see an improvement of 14% in the average score. Open Door’s second test kept both the teachers and students naturally motivated to show an improvement in learning. It gives us immense satisfaction to see the academic team of Gems Al Ain, making the most out of Open Door’s assessments.

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