Why was 2018 a special year?

January3, 2019
by Apoorva
6 min read

Less than 10% school going children understand Math and Science concepts after teacher had taught them. Open Door’s goal is to provide learning experiences to children that make children better problem-solvers, critical-thinkers and thereby develop better learning habits.

As a part of that mission, we made our Mastery Assessments program more powerful by taking the initiative of making remedial inputs and reports of misconception better for teachers and management and give our one Lac+ students a better learning experience. In 2018, we also launched two new products, Thinking Classrooms and Concept Mastery Week. Thinking Classrooms give schools an opportunity to re-work the classroom interaction, it is a set of powerful discussions to help teacher teach majorly by questioning.  In Concept Mastery Week, with the help of Learning Assessment, Remediation and Re-learning Assessment, the school uses the first few days of the new academic session to make sure that students have a strong understanding of the basic concepts studied in the previous classes. The school also receives a comparison of its performance with several other schools along with rewards for teachers and students. Our work on Mastery Learning, our first product, reached new heights; we entered two new countries, Qatar and Oman. Therefore, now there are 1 Lac+ students learning through Mastery Assessments in India, UAE, Oman and Qatar.

Our 2018 was special because all of the achievements and new initiatives that we have seen as a company and results that our partner schools showed. Moreover, we celebrated 4 years of doing what we are passionate about- making classroom learning powerful & our Open Door family grew from 6 to 30. We are excited to continue providing the highest quality education to children around the world in 2019 and beyond!


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