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Grades are like fast food

Grades are like fast food. Learning is like nutritious food.It is not always tasty but it makes us better.

Unfortunately, most children are currently busy gobbling fast food atMcDonald's. They are taking the easy route: memorising definitions for exams.

Someone needed to step up and do the right thing. While most ed-tech startups are helping children 'crack' exams, we asked ourselves: should we open another McDonald’s or provide children food with nutritious food?

Open Door decided to launch Unbox. Unbox is a physics course that helps children master physics and become smarter in the process.

How does Unbox work?

Unbox is a learning experience like no other.

Children can choose from a list of Science courses to learn, such as Force, Pressure, Sound, Light. Each course is divided into 5-7explorations that cover all the basic concepts involved in that topic. A child who thoroughly completes a topic may also achieve a Certificate of Mastery. UnboxScience courses are available as an app on both Google Play and App Store. 

Unbox vs every other teaching method

1.    Driven by questions, not lectures: When teachers teach, they tend to speak a lot. You look at a teacher speaking at you. AtUnbox, you are fully involved in learning. You ask you questions and keep you thinking at every step of your learning.

2.    Deep thinking, not superficial learning: Children are learning definitions and formulae in the name of Science. At Unbox, the goal is to explore Science from many angles so that mastery of the subject can be achieved.

Fast food or nutritious food

We had the option of teaching you very well and making the subject really ‘easy’ for you. We could have taught you by speaking in an interesting manner or showing fascinating graphics. You would have enjoyed that teaching. But, it would have only created a delusion of learning.

We know that learning happens when you think on your own.That is why, we chose a path that will make you put some effort but it will make you stronger in the process.

Research shows that every time you put in a mental effort, new neurological connections are formed in your brain. So, while Open Door's questions make children uncomfortable for a few seconds, every question teaches them something new and makes them smarter in the process. 

The choice is yours: Fast food or nutritious food?