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Why should you choose Thinking Classroom?

Questions that make better thinkers

Science and Math are filled with many amazing concepts. Open Door’s Thinking Classroom is a set of workbooks that contained questions like: ‘What should Virat Kohli eat for breakfast before a cricket match?’, ‘Does sheep fear pain when it is sheared?’.

Mapped to CBSE syllabus

These workbooks are mapped exactly with the CBSE curriculum. The sequence of chapters, the sequence of topics are same as that suggested by CBSE.

Make children express their thoughts

Through a variety of questions such as open-ended questions, hypothetical questions, quizzes, Open Door’s Thinking Classroom makes children think like never before. After each question children need to write their thoughts.

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How do schools benefit from Open Door?

Schools use Open Door’s assessments to take data-driven decisions

Open Door helped teachers of this school in bridging learning gaps. Even during the pandemic.

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Asha Alexander GEMS Legacy School Dubai Principal
School teachers start finding Science and Math amazing again

Can teachers start dancing after a workshop?
They can. If they participate in OpenDoor's workshops.

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Techno India School Kolkata Principal


For which curriculum are Thinking Classroom offered?
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Open Door offers 'Mastery Assessments' and 'Thinking Classroom' programs to schools. Mastery Assessments is a series of thought-provoking assessments followed by immediate feedback. Thinking Classroom is a set of workbooks of questions that make children think and help teachers speak less while teaching.

For which grades is this program offered?
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Our programs are offered for Science and Mathematics.

There are so many workbooks in the market. How is this program different?
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Mastery Assessments is offered from grades 3 - 10. Thinking Classroom is offered from grades 6 - 8.

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