Subject Mastery Program

Would you like your Science teachers to become stronger in Science? Would you like your Math teachers to master Math concepts? Open Door is launching the 'Subject Mastery Program for Teachers' with the goal of making Science and Math teachers masters of their subjects. Assess your teachers on subject knowledge and improve them in 4 months!

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What is Subject Mastery Program?

Why should your teachers become a part of 'Subject Mastery Program'?

a) Teachers will achieve mastery of the topics that they teach every year leading to increased confidence among teachers.

b) A good grasp of the subject will open up a new dimension to teaching. This will lead to effective lesson plans and better question design.

c) Open Door will provide recognition to teachers after the program thereby building a culture of learning among teachers.

Why should you choose Subject Mastery Program?

How does the 'Subject Mastery Program' work?

1. Initial assessment: Teachers will take an Open Door assessment centred on key concepts taught by them that are often misunderstood even by the teachers. Open Door will share the syllabus of the assessment beforehand.

2. Feedback and In-depth Discussion: After the assessment, educators will receive comprehensive feedback, offering insight and improvement guidance. The Open Door team will discuss the assessment with the teachers.

3. Re-assessment: Open Door will conduct a second assessment on the same topic after 3 months to help teachers to show an improvement in their understanding.

Structure of the program:

1. Initial Assessment in August/September (you can choose the date)

2. Detailed Feedback and discussion (2 weeks after the Initial Assessment)

3. Re-assessment in December/January (you can choose the date)

The program is open to 10 schools to participate in this phase on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a unique opportunity for you to develop a learning culture among your Science and Math teachers.

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How do schools benefit from Open Door?

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Children are now finding Science and math more interesting at Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

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