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‘The questions they were asking had not even occurred to me’

Tanishq, Student, City Pride School, Pune

The questions on your mind.

When did Open Door start?
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Open Door started in 2013. Today, Open Door offers two programs - Mastery Assessments and Thinking Classroom - to schools. Open Door is about to launch two new products - Unbox and Thinksheets - for individual parents soon.

What is the difference between Mastery Assessments and Thinking Classroom program?
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Both the programs have beautiful questions at their core. While Mastery Assessments help schools ensure strong conceptual understanding after a topic is taught, Thinking Classroom is a set of workbooks that transform a classroom with a lot of monolog into a lot of self-thinking.

How can I work with you?
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Who are we?

Open Door's programs are designed a team of young graduates from some of the finest universities - such as the IITs and NITs - in India. This team consists of a group of thinkers who live and breathe science and math. When they look around themselves, they do not see a table, a wall or a book. They see opportunities to design beautiful science and math questions.

Each of Open Door's departments is like an instrument, which when plays together to produce a wonderful symphony.

Over the last 7 years, Open Door team has been working to increase the thinking in many classrooms. Open Door's programs are currently making 150000+ students think more than before.

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