What is Thinking Assessment

It took Isaac Newton several years to formulate the Laws of Motion. How can students understand Newton's Laws of Motion in 5 periods?

Thinking Assessments program help teachers in making sure that important concepts of Math and Science are mastered before teachers move to the next topic. Students in Open Door's partner schools explore a concept from many angles and develop a deep understanding of key concepts in their curriculum.

Open Door's assessments are customised based on the textbooks and learning objectives shared by a school. The assessments contain thought-provoking questions that are unfamiliar to the students which forces them to think.

Open Door provides:
- Topic-wise assessments customised for your school
- Questions that make children say Wow!
- Scanning tool that generate reports in 5minutes using phone camera
- Workshops and capacity building measures for the teachers

Why should you choose Thinking Assessments?

Questions that make better thinkers

Assessments are not pie charts and graphs. They are a set of questions. The quality of questions determines the quality of an assessment. Open Door’s questions are designed to make children think like never before. These are questions that no one has seen before, leaving children with no choice but to apply the concept.

"Your questions make children think. There are no straight answers."
Mr. Siddharth Rajgarhia,
Director, DPS, Nasik

Make Science and Math teachers fall in love with their subject

A thinking teacher develops thinking children. Open Door develops thinking skills in children through regular workshops on topics such as concept-appreciation, question design and critical thinking. Open Door also shares research and conducts contests with the teachers on a regular basis.

"The subject knowledge of my teachers is much stronger now."
Ms. Meena Kak
Director, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata

Go beyond data. Make sure that your children improve learning by 20%

In a normal system, teachers take an assessment after teaching a topic. They receive a score, a grade or even a detailed report. But, teachers have to move on to teaching the text topic after that. What is the point of such data? Open Door’s assessments helps you focus on the only thing that matters: improvement in the learning of children.

"Open Door helps us to measure the improvement in children."
Revathi Srinivasan,
Director, Singhania School, Mumbai

Assessments customised for you

We understand that every school has a different need. That is why, we design questions that map to your learning objectives. We are flexible and work closely with your teachers to make sure that our assessments are customised for you.

"Open Door has helped us in identifying learning gaps."
Ms. Sandhya Awasthi,
Principal, DPS, Greater Noida

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How do schools benefit from Open Door?

GEMS Legacy School, Dubai uses Open Door’s assessments to take data-driven decisions

Open Door helped teachers of this school in bridging learning gaps. Even during the pandemic.

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Asha Alexander GEMS Legacy School Dubai Principal
Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata finds Open Door's assessments a class apart

Can teachers be trained without training them?
Read an interesting take on classroom assessments.

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Meena Kak Principal of LSA Kolkata
Children are now finding Science and math more interesting at Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

This school has transformed its classroom from monologues into a lot of dialogues.

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Bombay Scottish School Principal

Read Schools' Case Study!

Read how Open Door 'Thinking Assessment' bought improvement in these schools!

GEMS International School started using Thinking Assessments 3 years ago. Why?

The unique story of GEMS International School uses assessments to identify misconceptions, work on them, and then observe evidence of improvement in learning. Every school should read this story.

The Case study of a School in Dubai

How are the teachers in this Dubai school making sure that a topic is understood well before they move to the next topic? Read this story.

The case study of Modern English School, Guwahati

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What are Open Door's programs for schools?
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Open Door offers 'Thinking Assessments', 'Thinking Classroom' and 'Critical  Thinking' programs to schools. Thinking Assessments is a series of thought-provoking assessments followed by immediate feedback. Thinking Classroom is a set of workbooks of questions that make children think and help teachers speak less while teaching and the 'Critical Thinking Program,' is designed in partnership with IIT Gandhinagar. This program assists your teachers in teaching critical thinking to students during school hours.

For which grades is this program offered?
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Our programs are offered for Science and Mathematics. Thinking Assessments is offered from grades 3 - 10. Thinking Classroom is offered from grades 6 - 8.

Teachers are already designing assessments. Why do they need Open Door's Thinking Assessments?
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Teachers tend to use similar examples every year. By using Open Door's assessments, teachers challenge themselves and students to think deeper. This also provides school management to reliably gauge student understanding through an external body of assessments.

Which curriculum are these assessments mapped to?
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