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Have you ever been to Disney World?

Have you ever been to Disney world?

A place with amazing rides, magic shows, theme parks, parades and a lot of cartoon characters. Many things to explore. People who have visited Disney world say that it takes at least 7 days to explore the entire place.

Now imagine that you take your child to Disney world. You purchase the ticket, enter Disney world and then ask your kids to run towards the exit gate.

 As you and kids run towards the exit gate, you see the rides and the shows on the side.But everyone is only focused on running. And then you tell your kids that the tour of Disney world is over.

What a grave injustice to children!

This is exactly how science is taught at our schools.

Concepts like Heat, light and Sound are beautiful concepts. It has taken thinkers and scientists several decades to understand and appreciate them. But, we are so focused on running that we do not appreciate them. Why can’t we pause and look around? When we explore, you will that science is as wonderful as Disneyland.

Students study about ‘sound’ but do they ever wonder why we can’t we see sound? Why does our own recorded voice seem so weird?

Students study about ‘light’ but do they ever wonder how world would change if light did not travel in a straight line? Do they wonder if black is really a colour?

Children remember the information in the book and prepare for the exams. When they score well, they think they have learned science!

We understand that the school system has several limitations. Every school has limited time and resources to engage children in unlimited exploration around a topic. And the curious children are never able to explore the beauty and wonder hidden inside each physics concept. Unfortunately, curious children who are capable of learning science never even get to taste science.

The solution

Open Door is launching science courses called Unbox on your phone. Unbox takes you through the long and beautiful journey called science. At every step of the journey, we ask you questions and let you think on your own.

Unbox currently offers 10 courses on basics Physics topics like Heat, Electricity, Motion, etc.


Aneesh Bangia

Aneesh Bangia is the co-founder of Open Door. He writes about the past, present and future of education.

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