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This is why you should learn Physics

Why should you learn Physics?

Let me speak from my experience.

Physics taught me to constantly challenge my thinking. I used to think that the pen always falls down. But, I realized that the pen can also stay in its place if I am in the outer space. I used to think that I am sitting on a chair. But, in fact I am floating on the chair. And moving at a speed of 2500km/hr.

Physics told me that there is a reason why the milk packet collapses when milk comes out. Physics told me why we walk with small steps on a slippery floor. Physics told me that the more I question, the more amazed I would be.

So, why do we learn Physics?

Do we learn Physics to score good marks in school exams? Yes, if you learn Physics well then you can score a 90%. But that seems to have a value for only a limited time. That should not be the main reason.

Do we learn physics because it helps us in understanding the world around us? Yes, Physics helps us in understanding the different phenomena happening around us better. But there is a bigger reason.

We learn physics because: Physics makes us question things that others take for granted. Physics develops the habit of deep thinking.

Learning to think is after all one of the main goals of education. It is one of the areas where children should maximum time on.

Here is an interesting perspective on why one should learn physics:

Look at any profession around you. Journalists, Lawyers, Engineers, Artists – people who are doing well are the ones who have the habit of thinking. These people generate better ideas, look at every problem from a fresh perspective and are able to take better decisions.

When these people read a book or watch a video, they are not staring at the page or the screen, they are engaging actively with the content. That is why, after reading a few pages or a video, these good thinkers either have:

- a question or

- the uncomfortable feeling of not having fully understood. Then they pause the video and try to understand better.

Research shows that the ability to think critically can be developed while children are growing up. This puts a lot of onus on everyone, especially the adults like teachers and parents, to make sure that such a precious time is not squandered away.

Now, there could be many ways and many subjects that can be develop the habit of deep thinking in children. And, one of those subjects has to be Physics.

Do schools teach Physics?

Schools work under many constraints. Schools have to teach for an exam and have limited time on their hands. They teach physics and yet they are not able to teach Physics. Physics, on the other hand, is understood when you explore a topic from all directions. You can't learn any Physics concept in a hurry. You need time to learn Physics.

The tragedy is that by not learning Physics in schools, children are missing a big opportunity to become a better thinker. We are losing out on a generation of thinkers.

That is why, Open Door decided to launch Open Door Unbox for Physics. Unbox is a set of physics courses on topics such as Sound, Light, Force, Motion and Electricity.

Have you heard of Unbox Physics?

Unbox Physics is a deep thinking course offered to students between age 11-15. It is a journey of mind-boggling questions and experiments.

What makes Unbox unique?

- There are no lectures in Unbox. Each course starts with a question and constantly interacts with the children as they learn.

-  Unbox Physics is not bound by a school syllabus or by the school exams. Children learn from Unbox to learn physics like a scientist. Just like you learn to dance to master dance, you learn Physics from Unbox to truly explore Physics and develop a deep understanding of the subject.

What benefits would you have if you learn physics with Unbox Physics?

1. Help children master physics
2. Understand the world around us better
3. Develop the habit of thinking, which is useful in whatever the child chooses to do in the future

So, start Unboxing Physics. Because Physics develops the habit of deep thinking.


Aneesh Bangia

Aneesh Bangia is the co-founder of Open Door. He writes about the past, present and future of education.

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