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What should a teacher do after asking a question?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a classroom truly exceptional? We recently took a closer look inside some of India's top schools, and what we found was quite fascinating. We're excited to share this eye-opening journey with you! In the past month, we visited over 50 classrooms in 14 schools in Bangalore, Nagpur, and Patna to see how our "Thinking Classroom" books are making a big difference.

The 'Thinking Classroom' Difference

In these classrooms, we observed something remarkable. It all begins with a simple question from the teacher, straight out of the 'Thinking Classroom' workbook.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

The teacher doesn't tell the answer right away. Instead, they ask the question again, so the students have more chances to think and talk about it.

A Good Teacher's approach

The teacher doesn't merely acknowledge the students' answers; teacher dive deeper. "If digestion doesn't provide energy, then what does?" teacher ask. The classroom transforms into a space where students actively think, question, and challenge their own ideas. It's all about nurturing curiosity and making independent thinking.

Students begin to offer various reasons for their answers. Some cite what they've learned from textbooks, while others draw upon personal experiences. The once-quiet classroom now buzzes with conversation, as students exchange ideas, challenge each other's viewpoints, and explore the concept from different angles. It's in this moment that the ordinary classroom transforms into a "Thinking Classroom".

By not revealing the answer immediately, the teacher nurtured an environment where critical thinking thrived. This approach empowered students to engage actively, question assumptions, and develop problem-solving skills. It ignited their curiosity, making a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This method highlights the significance of encouraging thinking over quick answers, making it a "Thinking Classroom"

Open Door's "Thinking Classroom" is creating waves across India and UAE. One important transition for the teachers is the need for the hour....Become a facilitator of discussion rather than an answer giver of the question.- according to this content write why it was ideal not to reveal the answer and why thinking is imp in classroom.

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Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma is Marketing Manager at Open Door.

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